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Would you like us to stock your café, restaurant or business with some our delicious vegan bakes? 

If you order from us on a regular basis you'll get discounted bakes and we can offer totally bespoke options to fit you and your customers. 

Why not get in touch to see what your options are? Email us on to request your free brochure!

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Wedding Favours

Edible favours are a popular choice these days because you know people won't leave them behind, so why not choose one some of our bakes?

We can do mini versions of brownies, cookies and tray bakes as your wedding favours.


Does a big wedding cake not suit you? Why not go for cupcakes instead?

We can do any of our standard cupcakes for you or we can match them to your wedding colour scheme!


Dessert Table

If you and your guests have a sweet tooth, a dessert table could just be the thing for you!

A table full of any of our bakes, available for people to pick and choose from - sounds like the dream!

Email us at to enquire about your options

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