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Our Story

I'm Steph and I'm the owner of All Natural Bakes. 

We are a 100% vegan bakery based in Preston, Lancashire and our goal is to provide great quality, plant based products that everyone can enjoy. 


Since becoming vegan at the beginning of 2020 and having a lot of spare time on my hands (thanks Covid), I decided that I wanted to try my hand at baking using plant based ingredients. I've always enjoyed baking for family and friends but making the products vegan friendly was a new challenge and definitely a learning curve! However through a lot of practice, trial and error, All Natural Bakes was born. 

We are passionate about offering cruelty free bakes packed with flavour and hope everyone can see how delicious they can be!


All our products are made fresh and available to order online for delivery. They will make the perfect gift for a loved one or you can order a batch for yourself (I won't tell anyone, I promise) so what are you waiting for? Give us a try!

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